Celebrating 22 Years of Kingdom Hearts: A Journey Beyond Worlds

22 years of Kingdom Hearts

Reflecting on 22 Years of Kingdom Hearts, The series has been a unique fusion of Disney’s charm and Square Enix’s RPG prowess, captivating fans for over two decades. Released on March 28, 2002, this series has not only stood the test of time but has also expanded into a universe that many hold close to their hearts.


Embarking on an Epic

The journey began with a bold idea, and Kingdom Hearts turned it into an epic reality. Sora, with his keyblade, alongside Donald and Goofy, embarked on an unexpected and magical quest.

Overcoming and Advancing

Throughout its history, the series has tackled complex plots and innovative gameplay. Fans have journeyed with Sora, battling heartless and nobodies, and forming bonds that echo beyond the game.

Uniting a Community

The heart of Kingdom Hearts lies in its community—a collective that finds strength in connection. The series has sparked creativity, theories, and camaraderie, celebrating the essence of Kingdom Hearts.

Anticipating the Future

As we celebrate 22 years of Kingdom Hearts, we reminisce and look ahead with excitement. The series promises new adventures and narratives, ensuring that Kingdom Hearts remains an eternal saga.

Tetsuya Nomura, the series director, once said, “I’ve always poured my all into KINGDOM HEARTS… I hope you’ll continue to lend your support in the future.”

Here’s to more years of traversing light and darkness, with hearts united by the story of Kingdom Hearts.

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